30 March, 2008

Damn DNA

The other night we were all in the living room and Spotty stepped out of his pull up and starting walking into another room, I slowly followed, suddenly I heard the front door open, I moved a little quicker and saw my son standing on the threshold peeing out the front door. As I tried not to laugh, I told boy toy to get over here and see what his son was doing. Boy toy walked up to Spotty and said "listen, if you are going to pee outside you should turn toward bushes for privacy. They then walked in and gave each other high fives.

I now know why each mom when she gives birth to a boy thinks "I will be the first mom to have a boy that doesn't grow up to be a dumb ass", and why we all fail. It's genetics.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess. You're trying to be funny again. And failing again.

me said...

Venom, what am i going to do with you?