18 January, 2008

Book Review – Dreams Made Flesh

I ordinarily do not like short stories. I prefer epic behemoths that will keep me amused for days. Dreams are short stories that pull the Black Jewels Trilogy together. There are 4 separate stories. The first is my least favorite and is how the jewels come to be. The second story takes place after Heir to the Shadows. Lucivar has a new home and needs some help running things. Jaenelle is still picking up strays. Lucivar’s mom Marian is still a bitch. And Lucivar may have just met his match with his new hearth witch. The third story explains why everyone is so afraid of Saetan and it turns out rightfully so. This gives new meaning to the phrase “feed the rage”. In the final story someone is trying to kill Jaenelle and discredit Daemon. This on top of Jaenelle loosing her powers and going from the strongest witch on the planet to something else.

This is a definite read if you enjoyed the Jewels Trilogy. It fills in gaps and brings additional depth to characters that you already enjoy. I wouldn’t start with this but it is a great way to end the series, or perhaps this is the beginning of a new series?