19 January, 2008


Spotty Chop started day care about 2-3 weeks ago on January 2nd. It is in Needham so my parents are there if there was an emergency. It is bright, sunny, cheerful, clean, tons of toys and activities. There are kind, caring and qualified personnel (including his Grammy) that work there. While doing my undergrad degree at Simmons I did a lot of case studies there. I have known most of the teachers for years.

Their philosophy works for me. They feel that children are children and need to play. Although there is structure and daily activities; if a child is really into playing with cars/trucks/reading and the rest of the class is moving on to another activity across the hall, the child is given the option to go across the hall with the group, or stay with the activity they are enjoying and joining with another group. They go outside if at all possible, usually twice a day. There is a large, well stocked basement with tons of room to run, play with bikes and do gymnastics if the weather is not co-operating. They have snacks and will work with you during potty training. They do not feel this is something to be pressured into.

Spotty LOVES going, he gets along with all the kids, he is very active and participates in everything. The teachers are all surprised at how well he is doing, as some kids who have been there for much longer do not participate as much as Spotty does. He has only cried once at my leaving him, at SIL’s he would cry all the time (he stopped the minute I walked out the door, but I still felt like crap). He likes to talk about “his work”. His dada picks him up and they ride in the big blue truck together. They get to play and hang out before I get home and it seems to be doing them both some good.

Why do I still feel as if I have failed?