25 January, 2008

A lover and a fighter

Apparently last Friday at Day Care “work”, Spotty would not nap. He has a friend Moppet that is the cutest little blond…moppet. She is super friendly and the two of them are usually the first to arrive on Friday mornings. She drags him away from me so fast my head spins. Anyhooo. Moppet gets up from her nap and Spotty goes over to her, gives her a big hug and says “I love you, what’s your name?” I am slapping my forehead as boy toy yells “that’s my boy”.

Today we get into “work” and I am taking Spotty’s jacket off, he sees Smiley and her mom coming up the stairs and pushes the door open to let them in (which was really sweet I though). Smiley runs in yelling “SPOTTY SPOTTY SPOTTY!!! Gives him a HUGE bear hug and starts kissing him. Smiley’s mom is trying to tell Smiley to be gentle and then maybe yelling at her in Chinese. Spotty is just standing there with a befuddled look on his face…it only gets worse my son.

Have I mentioned that Spotty seems to be getting a brass set lately? We went to Little Gym on Monday and one of the little lads started kicking and pushing Spotty. The boys mom went over there and told him to knock it off. Well later in the night Spotty was pushing him. The mom and I just looked at each other and shrugged. Well a little while later Spotty starts kicking and pushing the crap out of another little boy. I am all “SPOTTY KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF NOW”, ok I gave the whole “you are hurting his feelings, you could have hurt him, look he is crying, he is sad, that was naughty, how would you like it if he did it to you” spiel. I apologized as Spotty wasn’t, the dad was like whatever, my son has been following your son around all night.

So I asked Grammie has Spotty been beating up kids at “work”…there is silence on the phone…crap I think to myself. Apparently there was an incident, she wasn’t there so she wasn’t sure what happened, the other boy is a whiner, but she will keep her eye out and nip this in the bud.

Two...people he is two…how the hell am I going to survive?