26 January, 2008

Book Review – Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart

Wolf Book 2
Found it!

The Pledge child has been swindled. Sapphire and Shad are getting married. Sir Jared and Lady Elise try to pretend that they aren’t falling for each other. Firekeeper is still causing an uproar with the well to do. And that’s just in the first few pages.

Firekeeper is back and King Tedric needs her help, but this time her loyalties may be divided because the Royal animals including her Pack want her to help them. We learn much of the back story of the Royal animals, and find that they too have had moments in their history that show them at their worst. The humans want the magical items for themselves to keep them safe. The animals want the magical items for themselves to prevent history from repeating itself. Whose orders does Firekeeper follow?

This not so simple request brings old friends and new into the most foreign of foreign lands New Kelvin. Everyone seems to undergo a transformation and for some it’s more than skin deep. On the other hand, Lady Melina is the same cold hearted bitch that she was in the first book; in fact she kicked it up a notch. I would say I want to smack the crap out of her, but honestly. She scares me. I think I will just keep my mouth shut and read.