06 January, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you are 69 months old

and I am a crappy mom. I’m not sure why I can’t get my ass in gear and blog. I will write up your letter for your 68th month, but I was worried that if I waited to do that first this letter would never get written.
So we had a month of Christmas prep, Christmas delivery and Christmas aftermath. You were a pain in my ARSE child. Not only did we find out last minute that you knew that Santa loved you and of course he was bringing the Xbox 360 with Kinnect to you, but after sitting on Santa’s lap you told me “I let Santa know what I wanted” and I said “what was it?” you looked at me as if I were a MORE-ON and said “I can’t tell you it’s a secret!”

HOLY CRAP talk about the pressure. I thank every God and Goddess out there that Toy’s R Us is only 2 minutes down the street as I was there every night after you went to bed, going up and down the aisles trying to wrack my brain for what you may want. See the Christmas post to see how I did.

I spent time at your school helping kids shop. The school has a program where you can give you kids money and the school has shopping days with all sorts of gitchy & cute things to purchase. It’s not a fund raiser, just a chance for kids to buy stuff for family and friends. You didn’t want my help, you wanted it to be a surprise. I loved seeing how your mind worked and the presents you got us. The kids I helped were so excited doing this and when I showed them what you had bought me a lot of them had to get the same thing because they saw me wearing it and showing it off. You showed it off to all of your friends at lunch. You were so friggen sweet and proud to show me off as well.

We all had the 24th – 3rd of December off…well actually that’s not quite true, you were supposed to go back to school on Monday, but I had a doctor’s appointment and was off and Boy Toy is laid off so we gave you a choice. Go to school or stay home and play video games. What do you think you chose? The week was spent playing games, visiting Nannie and Papa, baking and hanging out. We look forward to doing it again in February. I don’t think I can get the whole week off, but Nannie and Papa want you and do does your dad. Maybe I can work from home for a few days….

Your favorite after school counselor left to go work with teenagers, this is something he always wanted to do, but he was really sad to leave you. I thought this would crush you, but I didn’t give you enough credit. While you were sad to see him go, you were happy he was doing something important. In fact he had a harder time saying good-bye to you than you did to him.

Oh before I go I should mention that you have starting taking showers by yourself, well at least scrubbing yourself, you still want me in there, and brushing your own teeth. Next thing you know you will want to drive…

But that will have to wait my precious boy, you are still mine to snuggle!