07 January, 2011

Christmas Palooza!!!

So before I talk about how our Christmas was (and it was lovely thanks for asking) I need to talk about the drama and trauma that I faced.

Spotty Chop

1) told us late (but not so late that we couldn’t get it) that Santa loved you and was bringing the Xbox 360 with Kinnect to you


2) after sitting on Santa’s lap told me “I let Santa know what I wanted” and I said “what was it?” he looked at me as if I were a crack whore and said “I can’t tell you it’s a secret!”

There were nightly visits to Toys R us, calls to my parents and lots of praying. Guess what? I found it!   Zoobles . Boy Toy wasn’t so sure about giving him a Girls toy. But he got the eyebrow of death and I wrapped that bad boy up. Spotty loved it and was so sincerely happy about getting it, “I knew Santa wouldn’t forget!” Made me cry.

Sorry lets back up the backup…or forward the back up and then kind of back it up again.

Christmas Eve started with our annual brunch with Lennon and B-52. The brunch is our way of gearing up for the X-mas madness. There is never drama or trauma, just friends hanging out, eating and playing. B-52 cooked up some extra diabetic snacks for Boy Toy’s dad which was a kindness. The best part of the visit was Spotty and B-52’s now annual cookie baking for Santa. Spotty decided to kick it up a notch and told us he wanted to use cookie cutters! I think B-52 enjoys this tradition a little. In fact, he told Lennon that he could drive his own damn car to our house because he was not rushing Spotty with the cookie baking. We don’t see them nearly enough. But it makes me happy that a few traditions have held true from 357.

 Oh and look what my parents bought me, this AND  this …Santa is gonna be BLOWN AWAY next year!

Christmas Eve night was spent with Boy Toy’s family. It was a very enjoyable evening. Spotty had fun playing with the Terminator and Hockey. The Terminator’s big brother was home from California where he is a proud member of the Fresno Monsters . He even purchased a Santa suit and wore it for photos and handing out the gifts. He is really turning into a fine young man (and holy crap did that just come out of my mouth?) Spotty got great gifts, we had good food, one of Boy Toy’s brothers stayed home because he had an elephant up his ass, and truth be told, he wasn’t missed…well except by his sons…douchebag! Boy Toy spent a lot of time with the youngest of the two, who just drank up the attention. The oldest is a junior in HS, and was surprisingly more vocal than usual.

We left there about 10 or 10:30pm, Spotty fell asleep in the car thank God because we needed to change his room from "baby/little boy" to "I'm a boy boy now" . Spotty didn’t notice at first (as it was dark) but when I turned on the light so he could find his Christmas jammies his head exploded. We then had to wait at the gate by the kitchen (child safety gate we used when Spotty was born, we installed it into the wall and have never gotten around to removing it) so that daddy could check to see if Santa came (and give him time to set up the video camera) and then? CHRISTMAS TIME!!!

My parents gave us a bonus Christmas gift (Spotty calls it “an extra crunchy bonus”) they told us to stay home and play. Much as I wanted to see my family on Christmas, it was so unbelievably fabulous to not go anywhere.

This is our blueprint for Christmas fun.

Spotty first opens some gifts, then we play with some gifts, then we open more, we eat breakfast, we read some new books, maybe mom & dad will open some stuff in our stocking (we don’t exchange gifts, but Santa brings us presents). We play some new video games, we open more gifts, we play more, we have lunch, or ice cream, or both. By 5pm we still had not gotten to the X-Box. We kind of “hid” it so I had Boy Toy pretend to go looking for something and hurt his foot by kicking it. Well, I am sure you can guess what happened after that.

Sunday we went to my parents, Favorite brother and Froggy were there. We again had great gifts and great food. I made Froggy promise that they would stick to a $25 per person for us because the bro and I can sometimes try and outdo each other if there are no limits set in stone. We opened up our GameStop gift cards and then Favorite Brother handed us a bag full of games. I started yelling, when he quickly assured me that these were HIS games and he eventually wanted them back. That is of course completely different and we are now enjoying Grand Theft Auto (san andreas?) Oblivion and Fable 2 (in addition to the Games Santa brought us Dragon’s Age (original) and Risen. We left around 4 or so, during our first snow storm of the season. Boy Toy got called in to plow later that night/early next morning so I got the 360 all to MYSELF…well after Spotty went to bed. I was in heaven.

And that is how we spent our holiday, how about you?

I forgot to add, this is what Spotty bought for me with his daddy….you should see me driving down the Mass Pike when I have to glare at an Asshat