18 November, 2009

Star Wars in Concert

This past weekend boy toy and I went to see Star Wars in Concert. It was amazing! I don’t often get a chance to see symphony orchestras. Getting to see the London Philharmonic, with choir AND watching a specially edited version of all 6 films? ON A HUGE LED screen? Add to that seeing parts of the handwritten score by John Williams along with costumes and helmets and blasters…OH MY!

If you are a Star Wars freak you have to see this show.

If you loved the original trilogy and hated the 2nd? I think you would enjoy this.

If you have never see Star Wars and have finally crawled out of the deep dank crypt you have been living in and want to know what the hell is this Star Wars thing? See the show.

If you hate Star Wars? You are a pimple on the butt of society and should be popped.

We didn’t bring Spotty Chop. We talked about it and I am so glad we did not take him. He would have hated this. He loves Star Wars. Or at least the “world of Star Wars” as seen via Star Wars Legos and the countless “I can read books”. This was too loud. Lots of the imagery would have scared him and the story was not linear. This is not to say that kids would not like this. There were hundreds of kids at the show we went to. They all seemed to love it. This just wasn’t right for our boy.

I hope it comes around again!