30 November, 2009

Book Review: Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs

The Hurog Duology, Book 1

Don’t you love reading about families that are more frelled up than yours?
Let’s introduce the HUROG family. There’s Dad – the raging lunatic that almost beat his eldest son Ward to death leaving him mentally challenged. Next is the sister Ciarra who doesn’t speak. And finally? The youngest son Tosten. He left home after Ward walked in on him attempting suicide. We could talk about mom, but she has been beaten down so long she only sees and hears what she wants to.

Did I mention that Hurog means Dragon in the old tongue? Dragons filled their skies. Hurog used to be a grand keep with bold vision and luck to spare. Something happened to change all that. Not only are the dragons all gone, but with them the dwarfs. Now Hurog barely manages to hold onto what’s theirs.

As luck would have it Ward’s dad is thrown by his horse and dies. Ward was trying to figure out how to explain to everyone that he really wasn’t stupid; he just pretended to be so that his father wouldn’t kill him. Unfortunately there are uncles and cousins with their own problems who actually want to do what’s right for Hurog. So they overthrow Ward.

Throw in a ghost, a goddess, a dwarf and more killing and you’ve got yourself a party!


Simcha said...

I've read all of Patricia Brigg's urban fantasy books and have been curious about her older works. Was this book any good?

me said...

Simcha - This was good, I like Mercy better, but this is worth a read