03 November, 2009

Dear Spotty Chop you are 56 months old today

You love listening to me tell stories when we are driving. Some of your favorites have included Super Hero Orange Juice Baby, Broccoli Super Hero and Apple Super Hero. If I do not tell the story long enough you tell me “there are still more pages left”.

You love telling your father and me that we smell like toilet paper.

At school you had the quote of the day with this one:
Spotty: did you know you can only grow up to 40, that’s as high as you can go
Teacher: so what happens if you are 41 you just say you are 40?
Spotty: yup
Teacher: how did you find this out?Spotty: My mom told me

This was a big month for you. You were a ring bearer at Favorite Brother and Froggy’s wedding. You took your job very seriously. Practiced at Nannies, told everyone about the “special outfit” you had to wear. “It’s a Tuxedo!”

You looked so handsome walking down the aisle. Your footsteps were…measured. You held the pillow carefully. You did not run. You shook Favorite Brother’s hand and said “good luck”. You even managed to handle the unexpected. At the rehearsal they had you and your “co-bearer” walk down the aisle and you did fine. Later on in the ceremony we hear the priest say “if the ring bearers would bring the rings up”. We didn’t know this was going to happen, but I pushed you onto the aisle and you walked right up and did your bit.

You did great during the photos. You didn’t whine or act crazy. During the party you danced like a mad man. Nannie got upset that we let you go down the elevator by yourself (1 floor) and let you run across the floor below and then back up the stairs. But there were several children at the party and everyone was wound up and this let you blow off steam. You said hello, shook people’s hands and looked them in the eye when you were speaking with them.

You told Nannie that finding the other ring bearer’s button in the church was the BEST part of the wedding.

I woke you up the other morning and you said “I just had the best dream of my entire life!. The Disney characters were trying to get into my car Donald Duck was trying to get in from up top and he left his mark on top of the car!!!” Before we left the house you said “mama, there was a second part to my dream. You and daddy gave me a whole bunch of Bakugon’s. It was awesome.”

Halloween was a blast this year. You picked your own costume (Jenga Fett) and had a great time going to all of the houses and getting candy. Well, once I explained that we were NOT going home to play your new video game. Boy toy brought you to Game Stop to pick out the new Ben 10 Vilgaks revenge game. In hindsight perhaps we should have waited until Sunday to pick up the new game, you are after all your parent’s child and nothing is more exciting than a new video game. Most people were very generous and many let you take more than a few pieces. You did get rather annoyed at the one house where you got a single piece of bubble gum. You were trying to imply to the gentleman in question that 1 piece wasn’t enough, but I got you out of there and at the next house you got more than enough. We only went up and down 1 street, but it is an insanely long street that took us over an hour to go up and down. Your bucket was completely full and was beginning to hurt my arm, which was perfect timing. You were so generous and made sure that if you were having a piece of candy that you brought one to dada and me. I can’t wait for next year.

You also asked me the other day how old you were going to get. I tried to explain that you don’t really know how old you are going to get and you said, “you were just kidding when you said 40 right? You don’t stop at 40?” Nope kiddo you don’t.

Favorite Books: you are re-reading Captain Underpants 1-5
Favorite Toys: Tinker Toys, Bakugon, PSP - Ben Ten
Favorite TV Shows: Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, Rollbots, Brainsurge.