11 November, 2009

The joys of being an Uncle

Over the weekend Spotty Chop and I were planning on doing some baking. Spotty said "I know, we can bake a birthday cake for favorite uncle!" So we did. I called the favorite and asked if he would be around on Tuesday as Spotty would be at Nannies and had baked him a cake.

I could hear in his voice how tickled he was that Spotty did that for him, so he said he would be there with bells on.

Now how do you think he repaid me for my son's thoughtfulness? Any thoughts?

Did I get flowers? A new book? an old book? OH no. Favorite Uncle introduced my son, my perfect angel to...

the self inflating whoopee cushion

HOURS of entertainment people HOURS!

and in the immortal words of my mom... "why on EARTH are you people laughing so hard? Why do you think this is funny?"

HOURS of fun...


christine said...

This is exactly something my brother would have done if my daughter presented him with a lovely gift! Those uncles!!!

me said...

Can't wait to see what the favorite brother comes up with next!

副収入 said...