21 August, 2008

Thematic Photographic 12 - Colorful

I have been out of the loop and feeling grumpy about it, but i don't seem to be the only one. Carmi has decided to kick those of us wearing our cranky capes in the cranky pants by putting up a photo that is so colorfully delicious that I just had to stop what I was doing and post myself.

I was playing with a photo editing program and although the photo was colorful in and of itself. I thought this captured the magic of Spotty being chosen to be part of a Disney show when we were down there.


Beverly said...

Yes, indeed, you have color. I see you know Ming-Ming. I think those are just the cutest animals ever.

R. Sherman said...

Great photo!

Greetings from Missouri and thanks for visiting my place. As for hiking and camping, we started our three when they were your son's age.

The earlier the better, although mine still enjoy the take out pizza on camping trips.



Barb said...

I am nuts about this photo! Not just because Scotty is so adorable (did I ever tell you my son's name is Scott?) but the special effects give this a very Disney-animation look. I would love to know the technique for some pictures of my grand-niece. Feel free to email me.

Thanks for all your fun comments. You brought me grins and giggles!


Writerjax said...

I love it! the 'drawing effect' really adds something, too.

So glad you zoomed over to my blog - yours is fantastic! Great masthead ;)

Christine said...

What a neat effect! I thought for a moment it was a drawing!

ErinSlick said...

Boy those blues really jump out. Great choice..

smarmoofus said...

Oh, that's a cute result! I must try it! Yar! Is that your Spotty front and center? So cute (and colourful)!


me said...

Bev – is there anyone that doesn’t love the mighty Ming?

r.Sherman – we have actually been taking Spotty camping since he was 4 months. I just want to wait to take him to “The Parks” until he is a bit older and can appreciate it more.

Barb – when I remember what I did I will email you with a quickness

writerjax – thanks for stopping by, I really enjoyed your blog as well

Christine – if only I was that talented

Erinslick – I am glad folks didn’t think I was cheating :-)

Smarmoofus – it is my Spotty! I must admit I can never hear enough good things about my boy. Thanks for adding to my joy.