15 August, 2008

Camping at Pine Acre’s with a 3 year old

Last weekend we went camping with Moo, Freak Show, Hippy Chick and Cheese Please. We went somewhere OTHER than FransTed. I know…crazy! Pine Acre’s is only an hour away from us and Boy Toy does not have the same vacation that he once had. We have been trying to find a place closer by so that when the mood struck we could head out for a night or two and not have a huge production. We may have found the place.

Pine Acres is LARGE lots of RV sites. There is a separate tent section all have water some with electric (WTF). We were at the furthest end of the campground located at the top of a hill. Spotty Chop loved walking down the hill to explore the campground. Want to guess if he enjoyed walking back up? The campground has a pool, kidding water area, playground but best of all? A giant lake where you can rent row boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats and barracudas (bike on water thingy). We had a great time in the paddle boat. Spotty Chop loved jumping off into the water. Moo pointed out that there were wild blueberries around the lake and on the islands so we ate as many as we could pick. Spotty and I swam in the pool and played in the water area. Freak, Cheese, Spotty and I also attended the campgrounds 40th birthday. We got cake and ice cream. Spotty and I spent some time in the game room (think mini version of chuckie cheese). Spotty really had a great time for himself. Freak Show cooked great food for us, Hippy and Cheese kept Spotty entertained, and then we kept each other entertained with Mad Libs.

This place also had 3 different grades of cabins we didn’t peek in, but if you like that sort of thing, or haven’t tried camping before they sounded really nice.

I will leave you with a Mad Lib

Adjective – Smelly
Plural Noun – mushrooms
Noun – poop
Part of the body (plural) – butt cheeks
Part of the body (plural) – ears
Noun – asshole
Verb ending in ‘ing” – running
Adverb – sheepishly
Noun – school
Noun – butt
Plural noun – drugs
Color – pink
Noun – dad
Plural noun – bananas
Noun - wood
Noun – flame


I wanted to tell you about a SMELLY experience I had yesterday. I was walking down a path which leads from my house, when three MUSHROOMS from Outer Space cam out from behind the POOP. I couldn’t believe my BUTT CHEEKS. My heart stopped. I wanted to scream at the top of my EARS but couldn’t because I had lost my ASSHOLE. I was very close to RUNNING when one of the creatures SHEEPISHLY held out his SCHOOL and shook my BUTT. These were friendly, but strange looking, DRUGS. The one who was PINK had a gigantic DAD on his head and had four BANANAS sticking out of his WOOD. I wonder if all this was a figment of my FLAME.


Barb said...

You were missed, but I am glad you had so much quality time with Spotty and everyone. Sounds like a terrific place to relax!

me said...

thanks Barb - I have just been out of it for a bit, but I am trying to get back on track. (thanks for noticing)