23 August, 2008

Enough already

I want people well and I want them well RIGHT NOW. My corner of the universe is sick and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.

My friend’s dad went in for hip surgery a few weeks back and has been in ICU ever since with trouble breathing and just not coming out of the drugs that had filled his system well. He was not the dad that we knew and loved. The docs seem to keep punting him out of ICU when he gets “stable”, but then they don’t listen to him when he tells them he is feeling like he is getting sick again; no one seems to be giving him the care that he needs/deserves. We want him WELL enough that he can go somewhere else

My parent’s neighbors (the folks we grew up with). Their youngest son has a boy a month older than Spotty Chop. If you can believe it he is even MORE active than Spotty, always running, playing hockey, very athletic. Well he has spent the past several weeks in ICU as well. He has meningitis, not sure what kind, but now this little bundle of unharnessed energy can not sit up without assistance, he can not walk, he doesn’t talk and will not eat. They have a feeding tube in, but he is showing no interest in the world. We need him better and back to normal NOW.

Finally my college roommate. She went in to have 60% of her liver taken out on Thursday and when they were in there they felt it might be best to take out most of her liver and 2 lymph nodes as well. She will meet with an oncologist soon and start chemo. She hasn’t been feeling well and is her weight is down, with the original surgery she was going to loose another 10. I need her to gain weight and fight the good fight, she has a loving husband and 2 kids under 5 that need her. Before she went in for surgery I explained that Boy toy is on “the list”. The YOU WON’T DIE UNTIL I TELL YOU TO DIE list. And I would be more than happy to put her on the list.

The rest of you folks out there. Stay the fuck healthy will ya?

And thank you to all the Gods and Goddesses out there that are keeping Spotty Chop safe, happy and well.

I am an equal opportunity prayer, whoever will help me get the job done gets a shout out.


Barb said...

You can count on me to send up a bunch of prayers for every one of your friends.... and for you, too. That is a lot of serious illness in your world. It just isn't fair.

You can count on me for cyberhugs, too.

dorkey5 said...

I hear ya, sis. This sucks.