31 May, 2012

Spotty Chop turns 7

We celebrated Spotty Chop’s birthday a while back. The kids bowled, played laser tag, video games and had the extra crunchy bonus of dancing and watching Power Rangers SUPER SMAURAI. 

There was early morning drama when I went to pick up the cake and it wasn’t even started, and then when it was done, it wasn’t what I had asked for…(note to self, have cake ready an hour or 2 before you need it). But that was the only hitch in an otherwise fabulous day. And the Kids? They thought it was the coolest cake EVER.

Oh there were presents too!

He loved everything he got. In fact I think he’s played more with the stuff he got for his birthday, than he does with the stuff he got for Christmas. So far the dual blade light saber, the Dagedars and being able to dress up as a Power Ranger are in heavy rotation. Although the punch balloon’s that we put in the goody bags are a big hit. I think I’ve chased him through the house with them for hours. I can’t believe my baby is 7!