29 May, 2012

Fransted’s Got New Owners

Well,  weren't we a bit surprised when we went into the office! No Jack shaking our hand asking us how the year was. No Rita oohing and ahhhing about how much Spotty has grown. The new owners Gregg & Karen seem very nice and Gregg graduated from my high school (a few years before me natch.). The campground looked great, there was still candy bar bingo and ice cream socials. Some minor things have changed, but things are always changing. It was weird not seeing Jack’s family around, but we will just have to keep calm and carry on.

The weather was spectacular. It only rained for about 20 mins Sunday night while we were in bed. Because of Boy Toy’s new job we didn’t get on the road till 4:45pm, so we didn’t get up to the campground until after 8. We had a feeling the night was going to go like that so we had a contingency plan. We broke out the little tent. This is the first tent that Spotty ever slept in. We bought it after we had Spotty as our ultra light 2 person tent would no longer suffice. The plan was to set up the tent, go to dinner and then on Sat put up OUR tent. Well, we never got around to putting it up. God I forgot what  putting up a tent can be like. Our Vaude is the BEST TENT EVER, but it is a byotch and a half to put up. A good 20-30 mins is normal, and for the first trip of the year…it’s probably closer to 50 mins. The little tent? about 10 min. and about 2 minutes after that I realized that I didn't pack the pump for the air mattresses. We blew up the twin and Spotty and I slept on that. Boy Toy graciously slept on the ground. Well we did have a blanket to cushion him...I also forgot the grill (which is part of the reason there was very little cooking done). The strainer (again no pasta staple possible) and no knives.  What did we end up eating?  Junk food for the most part, Bugles and Chocolate Chip cookies and Chutter's candy. We ate ice cream. We cooked hot dogs on sticks, we had baloney sandwiches for dinner one night, pizza on Friday night. There were Pringles and smores and...I think that may be it.

We found the Lost River. I am assuming my parents took Favorite Bro and I here at some point, but I don’t remember, we usually did the Polar Caves. Spotty did a great job facing a fear or two, and he explored cave after cave. Afterwards he mined for treasure and found some really cool looking stones. 

We also ate at Polly's Pancakes where the food is just DAMN GOOD. Part of the fun is that sometimes they sit you at the big table and you never know who you are going to sit next to. We sat next to some older bikers, they decided that Spotty had the prettiest blue eyes they had ever seen...and I believe they had seen more than a few.

A good time was had by all. You won’t be able to tell from the photos, for some reason I just didn’t take a lot. And then some have disappeared. I am bummed as they were really cute of Boy Toy and Spotty...maybe I should go through the whole SD card, they could be playing hide and seek.

We can't wait for the 4th!