03 May, 2012

Dear Spotty Chop you are 85 months old

I missed Aprils letter. I am sorry budbud. I will try and work on that.

This month has been full of Soccer. It has taken you a bit to get into the swing of things, but you are playing and trying which is all I can ask for. I love watching you…well, actually sometimes I get super frustrated at watching you. I want you to be more aggressive, and to run more…FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHILD RUN!!!! But it takes you a bit to get warmed up, to remember that you can go after the ball and you can run fast, so I do my best to keep my mouth shut. To enjoy you enjoying yourself. Sometimes I forget, but then I remember. I guess it takes me a bit to get warmed up too.

I got to volunteer at your school for the book fair! A lot more people signed up this year so I only had to do your class. You had so much fun picking out books (and can I say no to new books?) Jman didn’t have money and seemed a little down about it, until I reminded him that his mom & dad liked to pick out books with him and that they would do that the next night at the Education Fair. I could see him perk up as he said “that’s right! I forgot!” Annadude wanted help with what he should get and then as you sat in my lap he sat down next to me so he was leaning on me and we all listened as the librarian read us a story.

The Education fair was a blast. YOU WERE SO EXCITED TO SHOW US EVERYTHING! You created a couple of board games that were a lot of fun to play. You showed us everything in your class and what your favorite things to do were. You also introduced us to your music teacher and had a blast showing us all the different instruments you have tried. I love getting a glimpse of your life apart from us. You never cease to amaze me.

You got your hair cut and you decided on how you wanted it to look . “It needs to be parted in the middle so I can push it out of my face when I play soccer. “  I don’t know what I am going to do if/when you decide you want a buzz cut…or a Mohawk or Jesus hair or……

You lucked out in that you got 2 sleepovers with Nannie and Papa. One was so dada and I could have a date night, unfortunately I was coughing so much that we decided it would be unfair to make movie goers listen to me. We did get to eat at a Mexican place that we  haven’t been to in years incorrectly assuming that they wouldn’t have anything you would eat. When we got home the new season of Game of Thrones was DVR’d so we watched 3 and then I went to bed. Your second sleep over was so that your dad and I could go to a bar and watch a band, a friend of ours has a band and we have never seen him play. We had SOOOO much fun. So much fun, that we overslept and had to race out of the house to pick you up (and get back for swimming). Papa drove you to our meetin place in his Mercedes convertible which like his truck only has 2 seats, so you get to sit up front! A huge win in your eyes. Nannie and Papa’s street was having a giant yard sale. You bought me a pocketbook (perfect for the summer) and the game of Life, which is a ton of fun…even if you still have A LOT of trouble when you are not winning. Don’t worry kiddo, we will work on it!

You were home with me on Good Friday. I thought you broke your toe. You were pretending to kick me and you kicked the doorframe. It really looked broken. You really acted like it was broken. Thank god, you just jammed it really bad. You spent the rest of the day snuggling. I was ok with that.

You spent the spring break with Nannie and Papa, me and the YMCA. You decided you wanted to go on one of the Y’s field trips so you went to see a play “the wizard of oz”. You really liked it. I really liked that you chose to do this. You dad really likes that you have the opportunity to choose these things and don’t have to wait for your girlfriend to drag you to them when you get old.

You and your dad have started a garden, you have so far planted 2 types of peas and 2 types of green beans. I can’t wait to eat them!!!

You have said some really cute things, that I haven’t written down and now can’t remember. BAD MAMA. I will try harder next time.

Kisses baby boy.