04 October, 2011

Dear Spotty Chop you were 79 months old yesterday

You are now in 1st grade. Your 2 best friends sit next to you in class. You love your teacher. You were a little freaked when you were told there was homework, until we did the homework. “Mama, I knew this in kindergarten.” You went on a field trip that I couldn’t attend. It was to the tidal flats down the Cape. You had a blast. You got to feed fish at the hatchery, eat lunch at the coast guard station and run around in the mud and water. You told us the day was “perfect…well it would have been more perfect if you went.” Amen son, hopefully next field trip we will get more than a 2 day notice (thanks Irene).

You and your dad were talking and you said “I am a miniature you dada. We are alike in every way. We like the same things, we have the same DNA. When you were a kid you loved to play video games just like me…” at this point Boy Toy interrupted you and said “bud, we didn’t have video games when I was a kid, in fact we only had 6 TV stations, and cartoons were only played on Saturday’s in the morning.” You looked at your dad with sad eyes, put your arm around him and said “I am sorry you had such a bad childhood, why don’t we sit down and play a video game together?

Your days with Papa are over again for a few months. Looking back you guys sure did a lot this summer: Aquarium, Science Museum, Hammond Castle, several beach trips, several kayak trips, I think I am missing some stuff. Papa and you also ran races, had battles, ran through the sprinklers. Set up a cemetery (for the mouse and chipmunk) you even found appropriate head stones for their resting places. I hope you can remember all the fun you have with Nannie and Papa, I don’t remember specifics with my grandparents. But then again we didn’t spend 1 day a week with them going on adventures.

We have had multiple play dates with JMan and Crazy Boy, I still need to reach out to Anadude’s mom and try and hook you two up. It’s super fun not having to travel 40 minutes for a play date! We went camping, apple picking and survived a hurricane. It was a busy month.

One of your adult front teeth has come in, the two front baby teeth are loose as all heck, but still attached to your head. You look adorable. I had to buy you new pants as you have grown like a weed! You still will not eat grapes, carrots, blueberries or green beans and Cherries are out of season. Dude I have no idea what you are going to do when you get sick of baloney…You are talking more on the phone and the people you talk to seem to enjoy this new side of you.

Of course no one enjoys you more than me. You rock my favorite son!


Carmi said...

You rock, too, for painting these slices of your growing munchkin's life. What a treasure you're building for him.