17 October, 2011

My Roomie is mocking me

So 3 years ago today my college roommate passed away. I posted a few things from an email she had sent to me in 2000 on her hubby’s Facebook page. He of course pointed out that she would have loved pointed out that I spelt pursuit wrong (as in her favorite board game was Trivial Pursuit). So I said MY roomie would never mock me…and then I noticed that there was an ad on Facebook. It was a Monty Python T-Shirt. We LOVED us some “what’s he going to do nibble your bum?” So I asked if everyone saw this. Her hubby saw political ads and crap. So it’s a sign right?

Well, as Spotty was falling asleep, he asked me how hedgehog babies were made. WTF? My roomie LOVED hedgehogs! Spotty mentioned hedgehogs once before. A day or two after she died he came running into the house to tell us that he saw a hedgehog outside. As far as I know he has never seen a hedgehog.

Byotch is mocking me