28 September, 2011

King Richard’s Fair

We brought Spotty Chop to his first Renaissance Fair and wouldn’t you know he loved it? Boy Toy and I used to frequent these all the time, but haven’t been in probably 10 years or so. We got there early to see the opening ceremonies and then spent the rest of the day. Spotty had such a good time that Monday morning he asked me “mama do you think you could write down everything we did so I can bring it to show my friends?” Hell yes baby boy. This is the listing:

Played in a human chess game

Put daddy in the stocks

Threw ninja stars

Threw darts

Shot cannons

Tried to climb an un-climbable ladder

Shot Arrows

Watched a joust

Bought a sword, shield, pennant, pendant

Had sword fights

Walked through a history of torture (may have been a mistake – but no nightmares and I didn’t go into detail on what we were seeing)

Went to knight school

Knighted by the king

It was a full day. When Boy Toy asked what Spotty’s favorite part of the day was he said “Knight school and being knighted by the King”.

He is so frelling CUTE.