07 October, 2011

HOLY CRAP I forgot to post Labor Day Camping…with a 6 year old

For the first time in a really long time this wasn’t our last trip camping this year (but more on that later).

Ahh Fransted how we have missed you! It was back to the White Mountains for us and boy are we glad we did. The campground looked great, the hurricane destroyed a lot of it but everyone worked really hard and you couldn’t tell anything happened (unless you knew what to look for). When we pulled in Jack laughed and said he had run up to our campsite this morning because after the storm they kind of forgot about it and he was hoping it was still there. It was the only site that didn’t receive any damage.

I decided before we left that I wasn’t going to do any cooking this trip, so we went out for pizza on Friday, brought pizza for the pot luck supper that was fantastic! You would not believe the spread that is put out. We hit Polly’s Pancakes, because I had a craving. We finished the trip with the 99. It was a good thing that I decided we weren’t going to cook, because Boy Toy was responsible for packing (I ended up working all day Friday) and he didn’t notice that there were no pots, pans or glasses to be seen.

We did our annual trip to Clarks where Spotty decided we would dress up as gangsters. The boys looked super cute. We watched the bears, went through a tour of the Tuttle house, rode a train and got a wee bit wet.

In fact, there was lots of river play. Which is just how we like it.