05 October, 2011

Apple Picking at Honey Pot

Over the weekend we went apple picking with Moo, Freak Show, Hippy Chick and Cheese Please. Boy Toy was invited but it was a pretty miserable drizzily kind of day and Boy Toy declared “I am in wet trees pretty much every Fing day of my life, I am NOT doing in on an Fing weekend.” So Spotty Chop and I headed off ourselves.

At first I thought it was going to be one of those trips, you know the kind, every frelling photo you take just isn’t right.

 But then I got these

I used to get incredible photos of Spotty Chop apple picking, but last years photos blew lemon scented chunks. These were ok

But this would have been Fing awesome.  KHAN!!!!

I took this photo just for Boy Toy

Here is Freak Show HURLING apples at his beloved oldest child

LOOK at Hippy’s face – that is FEAR PEOPLE he is so mean

And this photo? This sums up Moo up perfectly. She is just like her mom, queen bee who expects to be obeyed.

This photo? Everyone who is Anyone has been on the receiving end of this look…although Freak Show has clocked more hours than anyone else

I just liked these

But my favorite is this

This is Moo and Spotty Chop’s relationship “Auntie MOO can I tell you something?” Auntie Moo , drops whatever she is doing and focuses on Spotty “TELL ME!”

Not only did we get to pick apples, but we had 100’s of donuts, convinced other people that they must have donuts, went through mazes, fed goats and piggies and went through even more mazes and then had even more donuts. But then? We got to pick up Boy Toy and head down to the Moo compound where Hippy and CR made us pizza, and let Spotty borrow some wacked out Japanese PS2 game, and Moo sent us home with more canned goods than the Ingalls had on the prairie. I also got an applesauce recipe that was so simple even I could do it!


Bob Scotney said...

I picked our apples today, but I didn't have this much fun.

Karen S. said...

Ah life is good....and it shows in your really great time out there in the height of apple picking time! Looks like a load of fun besides apples!!!!

Carmi said...

Can we come apple picking with you next year? You have a way of making the experience magically vivid. Or is it vividly magical? Not sure, but there's something about the way you've shared this day that makes me wish I could have been there to hear the joy.

Lovely on so many levels.

Rue said...

"Expects to be obeyed." Yup, that's me.

Pot, meet kettle.