01 July, 2010

Book Review: Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson Book 4

Mercy has finally decided to become Adam’s mate and not Samuel’s and just when we were getting to the good part…up drives mom. Mom reads the newspaper, found out how her little girl was raped and almost killed. Drove immediately to the trailer to find out why the hell she didn’t call and let her know. She started to explain, but then Stephan ported in, all burnt to a crisp and managed to let her know that Marsilia knew that she had killed vampires. Adam had to call in the pack to help feed Stephan to save his undead life. If that weren’t enough the door rings again and Amber, Mercy’s college roommate stops by for the first time in 10 years to say her house was haunted and could Mercy help? So far we have almost had sex with a werewolf, vampire feedings and soon to be talking to ghosts. Now let’s talk about chapter two…

Marsilia the vampire queen is PISSED off and has marked Mercy for death. She is also tossing around a lot of magic that comes very close to killing lots of werewolves. Mercy decides that perhaps she should get out of town for a bit and see if Marsilia might calm down. So she heads to Spokane, an area that has only one vampire, no fae, no werewolves just a vampire that the other vampires call “the monster”. All Mercy needs to do is avoid his attention, which shouldn’t be hard, Washington is a big place. Mercy meets Amber’s husband Corban who’s a dick, her son Chad who’s deaf and a client of Corban’s. Any guesses as to who the client is? The ghost is trying to kill Chad. Corban doesn’t believe there is a ghost. Amber is a shell of a woman and Mercy is waking up with vampire bites on her neck.

After reading this book I realized that I have read just about everything that Patricia Briggs has done. I really enjoy her as an author. Her characters are fun. The women are strong. The worlds she writes about are interesting enough that I keep going back. She ain’t UBER AUTHOR status, but she crafts a fine tale. I wonder if she gets to pick out the cover art? I like her Mercy covers more than her Alpha & Omega covers.