06 July, 2010

The Other Day...I Met a...

Happy belated 4th! We were up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire camping, cauz that’s how we roll. We had gorgeous weather, fireworks, parades, a fair, river walking, stone tossing and…and unexpected guest.
Spotty Chop and I were reading Saturday morning (YODA in Action for the curious), Boy Toy was still asleep in the tent. I looked up. A 70 lb bear came walking into our site! I took Spotty off my lap and put him behind me. The bear tried to climb into the Jeep (we leave a door open when we camp so Spotty can go in and out of the car when he wants). I yelled at the bear. Clapped my hands, stomped my feet.

The bear just looked at me
He kept walking towards us. Got to about 6 feet away, tried to steal our trash bag (all it had was some fruit loops and remnants of Spotty’s baloney sandwich.) I chased it, yelling, clapping etc. (I wanted it away from Spotty) when from inside the tent I hear Boy Toy snarl “what the hell is your problem?” so I yell BEAR. Boy Toy was out of the tent faster than I have ever seen him move. He got it to leave. The bear was tricky and tried to circle around us and come into our site another way, but Boy Toy followed it around until it left.

We also made ice cream it was REALLY GOOD.

And how was your weekend?


Jaclyn said...

Haha, at my middle school. They had this play.