28 July, 2009

Book Review: The Taking

Rain rain go away before death comes to play.

Luminescent rain, funky spores, repulsive smells, animated corpses. Dogs, children in danger. Aliens? Daemons? This is old style Koontz. I’m not surprised I missed this one. Koontz had a period where all his stuff started sounding the same. The titles all blended together. Then came TickToc. And there was much rejoicing…but that’s a post for another day

This is not a bad story. I haven’t read his old style in awhile and in fact this totally crept me out the other night before bed. But his main characters aren’t as fleshed out as his newer novels. I miss the sense of humor that his later books have.


Amy said...

You read a lot of books. I remember when I used to read a lot of books. Now I read your blog, so I can read vicariously through you. :o)

me said...

now you create people, and help turn them into giant love bugs....while I sit on my ass and read books....of the Apocalypse...just sayin