13 July, 2009

Happy Belated 4th of July

We spent another fantabulous camping trip in the White Mountains.
It rained, it hailed and there was sun on the way home (ok, perhaps a bit dramastical, it was sunny Sunday afternoon.) One would think we had a craptastic time.

What we did instead:

Went to a 4th of July parade – don’t let the photo fool you, there was hail.
Got our tent set up before it rained.
Saw moose (not squirrel)

Played in the car
Threw rocks
Found a secret path under a bridge
Rolled around in the sand
Played horseshoes
Played basketball
Played soccer
Played that game that has 2 golf balls attached to a string
and you throw it at a stand -alone fence thingy.
Played chess
Played ping pong
Played Skee Ball
Played Frog Juice
Played War
Played a new Leapster Game (Jedi Math)
– don’t hairy eyeball me
“true campers”, you try being in a tent for 3 days with MY kids
Played Mortal Kombat (much to my surprise)
Went to a candy store (CHUTTERS)
Bought a new sleeping bag (thanks Northface store in Laconia)
Went to the Hippy dippy store
Went on mini hikes
Burned a bucket of wood in one night

Thanks why we love Fransted & Franconia Notch. Even with it raining an entire weekend you can have a great time.