08 July, 2009

Dear Spotty Chop you were 52 weeks old…last week

Mama’s hard drive crashed and she realizes that life is crazy when everything is missing.


You have started taking Karate lessons and you really enjoy it.

You can walk across the bottom of our pool on your tip toes.

You still LOVE to play Bakugon

You have been to the Museum of Science a few times and you LOVE it!

When you eat a Lunchable you will eat one or two crackers and all of the turkey or ham. None of the cheese.

Nothing makes you happier than having races with Papa (nothing makes him happier either).

You have stopped crying every time I drop you off to school. (I know you might start again at any moment, but it is making my life easier when you don’t)

You really enjoy playing card games. War, Uno, Frog Juice are your very favorites right now.

We are reading Commander Toad and the Disney Story Book collection pt 2 ALL THE TIME

You have been creating books online using PBS kids – the Super Readers have funny stories you can create yourself. The first couple you made were at Nannie’s house. She was downstairs making lunch. You were able to navigate to what you wanted, chose the content yourself and printed it out. Your school has been reading the stories during Friday’s silly story circle time. You are so proud of yourself (and you should be.)

You are spitting at us and throwing/kicking things when you don’t get your way. We are trying to crack down on this. Dude knock it off.

You still fall asleep with your head tucked under my chin.

You have been refusing to wear shorts, luckily New England has had about 27 days of rain in a row and it’s only in the 60’s.

You still love to snuggle, thank GOD, it is going to kill me when you decide you are too old for snuggles.

Mantha is back on Thursday’s. You now call Thursday Mantha day.

If you get the chance to “choose” a color, you always choose blue because “blue like my eyes”.

Daddy gave you a job; you turn on the pool every morning and turn it off every night.

You a daddy went to a birthday party all by yourselves. You had fun, you both survived!

God we love you so much. Can't wait to see how the rest of the summer goes!


Lynda said...

I love this...especially 'Dude knock it off'.

me said...

Lyndare - i am glad my misery gives you joy :-)