30 March, 2009


We invited twenty 4 year olds out to party. We had a friggen blast.

We have been to several parties here and Spotty Chop always has a good time. What we didn't know was that they really made it fun and easy for the parents. They provided 3 “hostesses” who were in charge of everything. Leading the kids in games, knowing when the kids needed time to just be kids, listening to the kids, making sure that they had fun, serving the food, making sure goodie bags were handed out by the birthday boy.
And the most important thing of all? THEY CLEANED UP!!!!! I did not have to clean my house to have people come in. I did not have to clean my house after people left. All I had to do was take pictures…do you wanna see?

The last picture is at home, you do not do gift opening at the party. I really liked that. I took a photo of Spotty with every gift. These will go in the thank yous. Favorite Bro & Froggie, here is your photo...which you could see if you knew I blogged...but you don't so you will have to wait. HA HA


Barb said...

What a great party place, especially for the parents!