16 March, 2009

Book Review: Blindness

What happens when ordinary people start going blind? The government panics; throws them into an abandoned insane asylum to fend for themselves. Leaves soldiers to keep them in, but not to protect. What happens to the people? How do they cope? Survive? What if there is one sighted person in there with them?

I enjoyed this story. It was written by Jose Saramago whom I have never heard of. And is also the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature. Not my usual cup of tea, but sometimes it’s good to read outside the box. I must now go look up Jose because he’s has some other stuff that I might have to take a look at.


Sarah said...

I watched the movie based on this book a few weeks ago and it scarred me. So disturbing. It also felt like they were looking at the story as if it were the stars and they were looking at it from earth - like the story they wanted to tell was too big to fit into a movie. Now that I know it was based on a book, that explains that feeling.

sealaura said...

This is a great book. I enjoyed it. I can't bring myself to watch the movie, because the seriousness of the book was enough for me, I have my mind, and I didn't quite picture Julieanne Moore or Mark Ruffalo there. :)