14 March, 2009

Book Review: Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon--And the Journey of a Generation

I am usually not drawn to biography’s (can you tell). But I love me some Carly. I grew up listening to Carol, one of my mom’s favorites. And who doesn’t like Joni?

This book follows these 3 ladies through the tumulus 60’s and beyond. It is an incredibly fascinating look at the music industry, what it was like growing up a woman during these times, and the luck, skill, and coincidence that needs to come together to make something great.

If you have any interest in music, the 60’s, 70’s, or the women themselves you will be happy you picked it up. I know I am.


Mojo said...

And I've heard there's a free set of Ginsu steak knives with purchase if you order in the next 17 minutes!

Wife and Mommy said...

I wanted to drop by to say thank you for your support in my Super Heavy Duty Post on Violence Unsilenced. I appreciate it greatly.