20 March, 2009

Book Review: Never Let Me Go

What’s up with me and not reading Sci Fi/Fantasy? Well a former boss of mine keeps sending me stuff she LOVED. Who am I to ignore that? What’s nice is everything she seems to love is really good.

Anyway back to the story.

We start off by meeting Kathy H. Who is 31 and works as a “carer”, She works with the “doners”, and suddenly there is a funny fluttering feeling in your stomach. Kathy tells us her story through flashbacks/memories of when she grew up. You meet an interesting cast of characters. Through it all that funny feeling is there, sometimes like a single butterfly and often like a squadron of moths. Because it jumps back and forth your not really sure if what you think is happening is happening.

Wanna know if it is? Read the book...


Carl V. said...

I've seen the name of this book so many times but never bothered to really look it over to see what it was about. Sounds fascinating!

me said...

Carl, I LOVE your avatar! I too saw this book multiple times, totally worth the read.