03 March, 2009

Dear Spotty Chop you are 48 months old today

Damn where did the time go? Just last night you were


You are a boy wearing big boy underpants.

You ask me to read poems to you at bedtime.

You are sleeping in your room the whole night more. (Until I typed this…)

You still can’t seem to fall asleep without me in the room, (but you let your daddy sit with you once or twice).

You will sometimes pick out your own clothes.

Sometimes you don’t argue about brushing your teeth.

You love to laugh about poop and farts (you are your father’s child)

You love playing Starwars Lego’s more than anything else.

You like to play Hullabalo

You love your Hot Wheels

You have a temper. I am hoping it’s the age and not your disposition.

You like to hold onto the front of a shopping cart and ride like that when I shop.

You like sprinkle donuts

When you first wake up you like to sit on my lap, drink chocolate milk and watch cartoons

We were watching the Jungle Book and you taught you daddy a new dance/game "first wiggle your ears up high (waving hands above your head), now low daddy, now in the middle, now you have to giggle"

You are GREAT when you are with your dad, you are GREAT when you are with me, when you are with both of us? I think we all need to improve together

You told me that our next house should be a brick house

You draw me pictures when you are at school

We read your first chapter book “Captain Underpants”

You love climbing on daddy’s back and jumping to the floor

You told me that red roses turn into strawberries

When you get big you want to drive in the front of the train (passenger not freight)

You tried Frosted Flakes and you really liked them (damn it)

You are very very ticklish

You told your daddy that you were going to build a spaceship in the backyard so the three of us could fly to the moon. AND…we each get our own bathroom

The other night you handed me a sword and said “here is your sword My Darling”.

And reason # 1 why I love you?

The other day we were driving home and I suddenly heard humming coming from the back seat.

It sounded like this...


Amy said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe its been 4 years already. I hope you guys had a kickass day :o)

Barb said...

Happy Birthday, Spotty Chop! You have a terrific Mommy who loves you so much! You're a lucky and funny boy!

Hugs xoxo

me said...

Thank you Amy & Barb. We had a splendiffarus day!

Mojo said...

Wow. Seems like just yesterday you were only ... 47 months and 29 days. Although since I'm reading this a week late apparently, I guess you were 48 months and... 6 days. Whatever.

Happy Birthday SC!

And to answer your questions:
1. Yes you could ride or walk there -- horses or bikes.
2. Not nearly often enough
3. Maybe... but not the whole season. Unless you want to play inline/roller/street hockey.