10 November, 2008

You just call out my name…

We spent the weekend with some college friends. Had a great time. The Other made some kick ass grub. Non Lady brought some great munchies. We had husbands, kids, dogs, great conversation, knitting, man projects, girl crushes, batman, robin and neighborly neighbors. It was like being in the dorm again. I miss these guys a lot. I am really bummed that it took loosing the Roommate to make us realize that we needed to get off our asses. But I think everyone had a good time, which means that it will be that much easier to say “hey let’s get together”.

The Other and I are still planning our Viking funeral for the Roommate. We have big things planed for this, so big we may even need to skip the whole “kill the daughter and burn the house down” thing. I will keep you posted.