18 November, 2008

Thematic Photographic 24 - Rows

Every time I think I am getting closer to normal, something else pops up, which means blogging, both posting and viewing has been few and far between (unless you of course were playing with the scheduling feature of Blogger). But I will once again rear my ugly head to join in Carmi’s thematrical oddity of ROWS.

As luck will have it, there are rows in that there project. So once again by the skin of my teeth I can participate in what can be considered the highlight of the week for many folks .
This is Boy toys hat. I have mine (that totally needs to be redone as I had not picked up needles in awhile and there are several “soul holes”.) Spotty has his and he looks friggen cute as a button in it. I will try and get a group shot once Boy toy’s is done.

I really enjoy knitting. Folks on the train seem to be fascinated and will often ask me what I am making. I had one elderly woman ask if I enjoyed the Zen like tranquility that knitting seemed to convey. I do! I like letting my mind wander as my hands are busy. But I also love when I am following a pattern and my mind has no room for anything other than the knit. Sometimes that really comes in handy. I love the feel of the yarn, especially the expensive stuff. I love the smell of hand dyed yarn. I have only used a few hand dyed skeins, but the smell is divine. There is nothing better than the sound of the needles.
My mom’s friend bought me a pair of stainless steel needles that I especially love, the sound of them is very hypnotic, plus if you heat them up over a gas flame they can be used as a deadly weapon. Boy toy actually looked up from the Bruins game last night to say “don’t you need to get started on the Santa hats for X-Mass eve?”
Do you see why I need deadly weapons?


Heidi said...

I agree... I like projects where you are working away and your mind has no room for anything else. It is like an oasis/a break. I do volunteer busy-work for church to do things like that.

Enjoy all the knitting!

Mojo said...

Well whaddya expect from a Bruins fan anyway? Go easy on him, he can't help himself. They're all of them waiting for the second coming of Ray Borque (though I hear the second coming of Cam Neely may have already happened).

Barb said...

Your knitting is very even and precise! No one would guess you are out of practice. Can't wait for the group shot!

Smiles and hugs

sealaura said...

very clever. I've always wanted to learn how to knit but patience is not my friend. Good idea for the theme.

Gord H. said...

hi me,

your rows seem dead straight! good work.

thanks for your visit to It Strikes Me Funny.

i don't knit but sit beside someone who does almost every evening when the TV is on. I read, and my lovely wife knits a scarf or baby blanket or the next project.

we both agree that one project leads to another because the mind is free (whether knitting or in my case, word-working) to see 'other possibilities'.


Gord H.