13 November, 2008

To knit or knot to knit…

I’ve started knitting again. I stopped for a long time after I had Spotty Chop. I could just never find the time or the energy. I made him a napping blanket this year, kind of a “congrads you are going to a new class”. The Friday before he was to start class I apparently left it on the train with only 5 rows to go. No one has ever turned it in. I was very discouraged. (FRELLING PISSED!!! I AM STILL RANTING OVER IT!!! WHO THE F WOULD STEAL KNITTING???!!!????)
My roomie loved to knit, she loved to dye her own yarn. She was earthy crunchie like that. Her favorite thing to knit (besides some diaper soaker thingy) was socks. I have a fear of the sox. I am not sure why, it just seems too complicated ( I also have a fear of the mitten, but that is another post.) I have a friend who is also a big sox maker (I think it might be a cult) she is going to show me how to do the sox thang when I am ready.
Anyhoo to honor the byotch I have started up again. And although it is like riding a bike, it’s also like riding a bike drunk. Your fingers don’t always remember where they belong (I was no expert knitter, perhaps I was intermediate…) So I made myself a hat, it’s cute, but before I started I couldn’t get the right gauge. It pissed me off so I just started the damn hat…and it’s too big. Not so big that it is un-wearable, but big enough that I changed my needles when I started Spotty’s. That’s right. Family hats. Look upon my work and weep. I haven’t decided if I will tear my hat out and redo it. I may, may not. I have a few other things I would like to get done. Hat for Boy toy (just the start of making my boys miserable). A baby hat for a co-worker, a blanket for my baby bro (but it’s a wedding gift so I can deal with this next year), a scarf for my boss, a scarf for me (can you have enough? This won’t be for warmth, but for fashion…I am a slave to fashion…) and a Christmas stocking cap. Boy toy’s family has an X-Mass tradition where we all have a picture taken wearing Santa hats. I want a VERY SOFT hat. I am determined.
So prep yourself, there will be knit snits to be read in your future…I’m just sayin


Barb said...

I thought I was ambitious trying to get a couple hundred hand made Christmas cards done, but knitting all those things? You've never heard a knit snit till you've heard it from me! Besides, I'm a crochet kind of gal.


me said...

A couple of hundred???? GOOD GOD WOMAN when will you SLEEP? If it's not a knit snitt what do you call it cranky crochet?