22 May, 2008

Memorial Beach Boys

This past weekend we had not 1 but 2 fun filled adventures.

Our town had a Memorial Day parade we attended that was just perfect for a 3 year old.

First, I brought Hot Wheels cars. To any parent that has ever gone anywhere without them. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?
Second, there were people marching and people clapping. High entertainment value
Third there were motorcycles
Fourth there were bands that played music (although too loud cover my ears mama)
And finally, a guy that was selling flags and streamers.

Later that night some woman in Wellesley paid to have the Beach Boys come and play. So we took Boy Toy’s mom. She had been talking about this for weeks, the day was kind of rainy so she wasn’t sure if she would go or not. She could go by herself. But honestly why the hell should she? She has 4 sons and a husband. At least one of them could get off their ass and take her.

We picked her up around 5:30pm and drove to Wellesley, the place was like a ghost town, kind of weird. They had shuttle busses from a bunch of area’s around town to the high school that we planned on taking, but when we saw how empty the places were we decided to see if we could get closer. We got premo parking across from the field. Spotty Chop noticed a bunch of moon bounce like objects that I promised I would take him too once we found an area to take over.

Of course it started to rain when Spotty and I headed over there. I bought him 20 tickets and we prepared to have fun. He first wanted to go into the train bounce, but when I opened the cover a huge wind blew out and freaked him. I asked if I could go in with him but the attendant said bigger folks might make it roll over. Pissa I thought. Luckily that was the only one we had an issue with. One moon bounce was perfect for little ones and he had a ball on that, but he really wanted to ride on SUPERMAN, this thing was so big I would have had trouble climbing it, and did. Because, you may not have realized it but rain and rubber make a somewhat slippery surface to climb. Spotty had a blast, he loved ever second of it. We must have spent over an hour there.

The music was good, Spotty was dancing, Gramie was dancing, hell everybody was dancing. And once it got dark out I bought Spotty a glowing sword. He was watching the older kids having sword fights and wanted desperately to join in, of course no one wanted him to play so I went and bought myself a sword.

I could tell you about the overwhelming odds we faces and the foes we vanquished, but that is a story for another day.