05 May, 2008

Bowling without a nap

We took Spotty Chop bowling over the weekend. I can't believe they have shoes in his size. We only rented the lane for 30 minutes as I was not sure how this would go. Foolish girl that I am. It took 30 minutes for his first 3 balls to go down the lane.

Alright, maybe I exaggerated a bit. But I have honestly never seen balls move so slowly and yet be on target. He really did well. Was beating his daddy even, when he got tired of playing and wanted to play with the race car video game.

I had completely forgotten that boy toy actually likes to bowl. We haven't done it in probably, 8 years or so. So I let boy toy bowl both of their games and I chased Spotty around the alley. Trying to keep him from running down the lanes, into people, dropping the balls onto people. Then he would want to bowl some more, and I would let him bowl for me, and he would stand at the line, legs spread with the ball between and then ever so slowly give it a little nudge. We had a fan club watching, cheering the balls he nudged down the lane. Cheering louder when the ball made contact, and then when the pins fell over. Spotty's face glowed with joy. Boy toy eventually had enough and brought Spotty over the the racing car game, and they spent many quarters vrooming.

I finished bowling. I kicked both their asses. I am the MOTHER.


Carmi said...

Thanks for the timely reminder: our kids LOVE to bowl. I suck at it. And not just a little bit. We're talking monumental suckage. But that works for me, because they're such a hoot to watch and I so love being part of the moment. It's one of those experiences they'll remember forever.

Thank you for the prompt to return.

BTW, you won last week's Caption This on my blog. Hope you'll pop by and try your hand at it again.