03 May, 2008

Dear Spotty Chop you are 38 months old today

You went to your first non family birthday party. It was held at a gymnastic academy and you really had no interest in following the herd. While most of the other 3 year olds were sitting in a circle, singing birthday songs you were running to look at everything. When they were playing follow the leader, you were at the rock climbing wall. I did try to convince you to join the group, but when I saw your smiling face as you explored, I said like “Frell it”. I let you do what you wanted. Eventually everyone was allowed to jump into the foam pits and play on the trampoline and you loved every second of it.

Daddy and you apparently have some “special treats” when he picks you up from daycare you get to walk across 2 busy streets to the 7-11 and get a red fuzzy drink and some ice cream. You are so pleased with yourself when you tell me about it.

You love to hear stories, not stories that we read to you or listen on CD (although you love those as well) but stories that we make up. Your craving for them is insatiable. I must admit that some mornings I hope you do not wake up until we are almost at school because my brain is not at its best in the am.

We have stopped watching some of your favorite movies because you are waking up every single night with nightmares, and in the morning you tell us that drones are chasing you. I hope to god we haven’t scarred you for life. You used to watch those Hot Wheel movies as often as we would let you. But when I told you we were going to stop for awhile because you were having bad dreams you said ok, and haven’t asked to watch them again. Of course last night you came into our bed and when your daddy asked you why you came into our bed you told him that “mama and me were driving our black car down the road when Iron Man and Abby-yoyo chased us down the road, Mama you tell him what happened.” I unfortunately do not recall but will try and pay more attention next time.

A week ago or so we were at Nannie and Papa’s and Favorite Brother and Froggie were there. Froggie and I went to pick up pizza and when we got back to the house you and Favorite Brother were in his Jeep. The Jeep was rocking so hard we thought it was going to tip, and there you were holding onto the oh shit bar, your feet leaving the seat as the Jeep rocked, laughing hysterically. I wish I had a video camera at the time.

Several days ago your dad and I were fighting. We were yelling a lot, really loudly and angrily. Apparently you asked your daddy why he was yelling at me, and the next day you said to me “you and dada were angry at each other”. I hope my explanation that “we were mad at each other, we were not angry at you at all and that we were no longer mad at each other” was ok. I would prefer we never fight in front of you, but with us as parents I guess that will never happen. Sorry kiddo