01 May, 2008

Book Review – Talon Silver Hawk

Conclave of Shadows: Book One
Kaeli is a boy on the brink of manhood. He has gone off alone to await his vision from the Gods that would tell him what his true name would be. Unfortunately this is not to be. While waiting for the gods to speak to him he sees buzzards circling his village, as he runs towards his village, he trips and falls, hurting his arm so badly that he passes out. When he comes to and his eyes open he realizes he is staring into the eyes of a silver Hawk. “Rise, little brother. Rise and be a talon for your people. As you feel my talon upon your arm, remember you can be bold and protect or you can rend and revenge.”

Pain forgotten Kaeli runs to his village where it is being attacked and gets shot by a crossbow for his trouble. He is left for dead, and soon would be except for two strangers that happen to come across the carnage. They rescue him and when he wakes from his delirium the strangers call him Talon, when Kaeli asks why they tell him that when they asked his name he said Talon of the Silver Hawk.

As Talon struggles with the overwhelming despair of being the only member of his tribe left alive; he also is struggling to learn how to fit into the society he is now thrust into. The folks that rescued him want something, but can Talon get what he wants too? Revenge.