03 March, 2008

Thievius Raccoonus and 3 years ago today

It’s Sunday, the sun is shining; Spotty Chop is up before 6:30am, even though he did not go to sleep until after 11:00pm.

He is sick; coughing up body parts. We all napped for about 3 hours yesterday and did not wake up until after 6:00PM.

As I beg him to go back to sleep he says, “no mama we have to play Benly”. God frelling bless Sly Cooper and the Band of Thieves. So I try to do Bentleys mission, and fail, and fail and…I think you get the point. Spotty finally gives his poor old mom a break and asks if we can watch a movie. He picks out Scooby Doo, the 1st season. I watch a bit, do dishes and laundry. We play cars, and then make cranberry bread. Play the game more, this time I get to be Sly. Eat freezer pops, play candy land, more dishes and laundry. I tell Spotty that we can play Sly Cooper until the big hand reaches the top, then we need to go out and play. He is sick, but we haven’t been out all weekend. I didn’t feel like dealing with the snow yesterday. Spotty says fine. We play more Sly. Dada wakes up, we tell him we HAVE to go out and we made him coffee, and could you please take out the cranberry bread when it dings.

Spotty and I take a walk in the woods behind our house. We play Thievius Raccoonus. We sneak past trees. We go under “vines”. We “slide” down rails. I love his face; excited and happy with a bit of smirk. We get to the gas line and Spotty finds a HUGE puddle. He splashes and jumps; gets out, looks at me asks if he can do it again. I’m like hell ya. So he splashes and jumps and splashes and hops, climbs out, falls. I let him try to get up. I asks if he needs help, he says ‘ya,” so I lift him up. He asks if he can do it again.

Of course you can kiddo.

He is so happy and I am happy watching him. Am I wishing he would not get so wet? Well, yes, yes I am. I think, he’s sick and its cold, am I a bad mom for letting him possibly get sicker? But I know we aren’t that far from the house and he is having so much fun. The sun is warm, the snow fresh. When he has splashed to his heart content, we head for the road. We play monsters, I chase him to the next yellow gas marker, then it’s his turn. He wants to be carried, so I crouch down and he jumps on my back. I give him a piggy back to the sidewalk. We slowly walk towards the house. I tell him “thank you for going on a walk with me because I had fun.” He tells me that he had lots of fun too. We get home and tell dada all about our adventure while we get dried off and warm. Dada and Spotty play trains as I run out to do food shopping. Boy Toy calls me while I am shopping; he wants to know if we have any medicine for Spotty, he is burning up. I finish shopping and fly home. I get Spotty a bowl of strawberries, grapes and blueberries and some Tylenol. Boy Toy and Spotty are playing Scooby Doo the video game, so I let them finish the level before telling Spotty it’s time for a nap. We sleep a good 3 hours.

As the sun goes down I realize that 3 years ago today I knew I was going to be induced. My water had broken 2 days before, well, leaked is more like it, and spent the night leeking like a sive and arguing with myself that my water couldn’t possibly have broken. It was 2 or 3 am I had a head cold and just “knew” that my bladder was just not working right. After a few hours of changing sheets I though that “there was something funny going on,” and began to admit that perhaps, even though a few weeks early, maybe this was it. Packed the suitcase and took some deep breaths. I went out to the living room. Boy toy was asleep on the couch. I am a snorer, but with the whole pregnant, needs to sleep sitting up the past 5 or 6 months, now I have the head cold from hell, and can’t take anything for it, apparently I became the SNORE GOD. Around 5am I woke him up and said. “I think my water broke”. We call Harvard Vanguard. They ask a few questions and then tell us to come in around 9:00am. They take a look and say “yup it’s it”. I tore it, but it kept resealing itself. They tell us to go home and wait, labor should start within 6 hours. So we go home, I lay in bed and try to rest. I talk to CM and we just chat for a bit, in that instance I so want to tell SOMEONE what is happening, but I would be damned if someone other than my mom finds out first. I really have no memory, other than that phone call of what went on that day, but I know that 3 years ago I was heading off to bed as just me. in a few hours I was going to be a mom. I wasn’t scared, just a little freaked out, and very excited. Boy toy asked Spotty if he wanted to sleep in our bed tonight as a special occasion since he was turning 3 tomorrow. I am happy and sad. Happy remembering how excited and nervous and full of joy at the though of being a mom and finding out who I was having. Sad because I really enjoyed being pregnant and I had no idea how much I would miss carrying Spotty under my heart.