14 March, 2008

Book Review – Path of Fate

Book 1
Reisil has had a rough life. Abandoned as a baby, the Town of Kallas took her in, but each family took her in for just one month so no one was over burdened with her care. Not that any kids would be cruel enough to point out that she wasn’t wanted by anyone for long. Reisil has grown up and has passed her tests to become a Tark, a healer. A position blessed by the Lady; who they worship. More than anything she wants to be Kallas’ healer. She wants to pay the town back for taking care of her all those years when they didn’t have to. The town has given her a cottage to live in and she is finally starting to feel like she belongs. Isn’t this when trouble always strikes? On her way back to her cottage a large female goshawk lands in front of her the very image of lethal beauty. “I am Saljane; I have found you at last!” With these words Reisil freaks the hell out. She does not want to be ahalad-kaaslane, one of the most coveted positions in the country, and is said to be appointed by the Lady. She does not want to share her life with an animal dispensing justice. She tells Saljane to go away that she isn’t wanted. But the goshawk has her mind made up.

There has been a war going on for years with the Patversemese and they are finally coming close to peace, but neither side trusts the other. Peace talks are set to begin and the Patversemese Duke is on his way to Kallas to open the peace talks. The town is angry, they have lost many men and women to the war, but Kallas has been ordered to play nice, or else. We meet Reisil’s boyfriend who has been away, but she is helping the tavern owner prep food, so she has to run. As she is working two young Patversemese nobles come in looking for food, the young man is a dick, his younger sister is sweet, turns out they are the Dukes children.

During the talks the Dukes daughter is kidnapped, Reisil must decide how she can best serve the Lady by being a simple Tark, or by embracing a life she doesn’t want and in the process save her country and perhaps her world.