20 March, 2008

Eggs, skates and hands of doom

Spotty and I spent some time at my parents on Saturday, I was getting my hair colored and my parents said they wouldn’t mind watching him. While I was getting purdy and finally accepting that coloring my hair every 6 weeks just aint working. You would think that I would have come to this conclusion sooner since I started going gray at 21, but alas and alack I did not. My da and my son were off doing the Saturday chores. First they go to the dump; they watch the trucks and machines and occasionally might climb on one or two. Then it is off to the shirt store, where my father has his shirts laundered? Pressed? I have no idea, but Mr. Popolotopopolis apparently has lolly pops waiting for Spotty. He hadn’t seen Spotty in awhile and let him run the dry cleaning rack. Spotty had a blast stepping on the button to make the clothes go around. Then they went on a wild animal hunt in the “beer” store. They hunt for wild animals on the wine bottles. They saw a frog, a fox, a rabbit and a giraffe to name a few. The girls there have lolly pops for Spotty too. They couldn’t believe how big he was getting. The final stop on their mad cap adventure was a trip to old mc donalds for fries. My dad gets such a big kick out of Spotty, and I get such a big kick out of my dad.

Sunday we went to Moo, Freak, Cheese and Hippy’s house. We were there for the annual egg coloring extravaganza. Freak was disappointed in the lack of artistic eggs. We were disappointed that he didn’t love us enough to do the Ukrainian eggs the right way. Moo and Cheese were sick, (which they blamed on Spotty, but I totally told them they were wrong). Which sucks as they are going down to Disney next week, hopefully they will be better before the plane ride. Spotty really seemed to enjoy coloring the eggs this year. Or perhaps he loved the mess he was able to make while dropping eggs from various heights into the colored tubs below. He liked it so much that apparently he stuck both of his hands into the dye. I say apparently, because I did not see him do this, however his left hand was bright blue and his right hand was a bluish-green.

We had to run out of there because Boy toys nephew was playing in the state championship for his division in hockey at the Garden. The whole family was there, and a ton of Needham folks. I saw a bunch of friends from high school which cracked me up and I was able to show off my blond haired blue eyed boy. As for the game, Needham won! Woo woo. And Mr. Hockey played, with a broken or newly healed collar bone. He did pretty well too, and he’s just a sophomore.

It was nice to be able to go out and see folks especially since I was working all night Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday night. Pity me and send chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Apparently everybody in your world is cursed with a ridiculous nickname, or is a stupid attempt by you to be funny while keeping them anonymous? Still sucks for them.

me said...

Yes, in my world everyone has a public name. This name gives insight into their personality. That’s why I call you Venom.