24 August, 2007

Somebody's day sucked and it wasn't me

So yesterday my boy toy’s day started with a bang. On Thursday’s I work from home, so Spotty Chop and I should be able to sleep until 8 or 8:30 am, but usually are up around 6 anyways. Yesterday however Spotty was asleep, we got kisses from boy toy and off he went to work, and I snuggled back down to catch a bit more sleep. A while later I hear the front door open and I thought to myself, what the F is his problem? What did he forget, why can’t he get out of the Fin house without my help… he walks into the room and says I have a flat, I called work, they asked if I could try using your jack. Hell ya, I thought, I mean I drive a cute little Jeep Liberty and you drive a 350 diesel man eater, but sure, give it a try, I tried and there is no way in hell it’s going to work, I’m running to Dunkin to get some coffee and wait for them. I roll back over.

I must have fallen asleep because a significant amount of time passed and the boy toy walks back into the room, I locked the keys in your car with it running, I walked back I am jumping on the bike (dual sport not to be confused with the Honda that is still sitting in the driveway as he works on the brakes). I said, Ok and rolled back over. He comes back and says I brought your car back, I need to walk back and get the bike, I asked him if he wanted me to wake up Spotty and drive him back, he said no, and gained huge points as usually I do end up having to do that kind of crap. Spotty finally woke up when boy toy came back in to tell me that he was back.

Around 7:30- 8:00 a company kid came out with a jack. The bolts were on so tight that he and the boy toy took turns jumping on the thingy that loosens the lug nuts. Eventually they came loose, the tire was changed, he went to work. I wore my pj’s and bunny slippers during my day of conference calls. It’s good to be me