18 August, 2007

Friends in deed

My girlfriend and her girls helped me out hugely on Friday. I am the maid of honor for a train buddy, her wedding is in October. The invites had to go out on Friday. I have been waiting for the invitations I bought over the web to show up at my house and come Thursday afternoon knew I couldn't wait any longer. I have been so stressed out over this shower. Having never been a bridesmaid let alone the maid on honor, I really want this to be special, but damn nothing is ever easy is it especially when it’s a party for 70+?

I first went to A.C. Moore and picked up paper, but I ended up spending over $70. They didn't even have envelopes to fit the paper. I went to Staples to get envelopes, and found parchment paper with envelopes to match. I got really large mailing labels and through the magic of the Avery "wizzard" was able to mail merge the list of attendee's adding a black dragon to it to boot. I bought Avery silver foil mailing labels and found the Chinese character for friend, so I turned that into my return address. I also picked up Avery index cards and used that for both the directions and the “they are registered at”. The only issue I had with the index cards is that the font had to be small to fit all of the directions on one side.

I drove down to my girlfriend Moo's and as she watched Spotty Chop my girlfriend’s daughter Hippy Chick helped me to print. Of course she has word perfect on her PC so we had to do a bit of formatting. We ended up installing the printer drivers on my PC because it was just too much of a pain in the ass to keep reformatting everything. Once everything was printed it was assembly time. Hippy Chick punched out all of the directions, Moo and her youngest daughter Cheese Please ink stamped the Chinese characters of either happiness or love onto the invites. I put the address and return address labels on everything. Moo then started folding the invites as I stuffed and licked them closed. My girlfriends husband Freak Show luckily came home during this and kept Spotty entertained. Freak HATES that I call my son Spotty Chop, not sure why but it crawls up his ass, so of course I was calling Spotty every 3 seconds. We finally finish everything at 4:45, I now need to rush to a post office I have never been to buy stamps and stick them all before 5:00PM.

I DID IT!!!! And even though the invites are not what I originally thought of, I think it all pulled together, they are simple and sophisticated. (I hope)

Everyone was waiting for me when I got back, Hippy Chick had 3-4 friends come over and everyone was going to the beach. Spotty had been on a walk with Moom and Freak and managed to find every puddle in the state of Massachusetts. So I whipped off his clothes and dydie, and tossed him in his car seat. Off to the beach (for the first time). I got to finish my book on tape as Spotty fell asleep 3 mins into the drive. He woke up when we got to the beach. It was windy, a bit chilly, especially for a naked boy. It took him a bit to wake up, but once he did he loved it. We walked down to the water, dug holes walked along the beach, walked through water, fell into water, splashed in water and had a good time for ourselves. The beach closed at 8PM and everyone was going out for ice cream. We headed home, I had to pee and daddy was waiting to see his baby. As soon as we got into the car it started to rain like crazy. Luckily I have a GPS which is a story in and of it self.