14 August, 2007

Love that boy

So last night as I am getting dinner together I hear Spotty Chop and his daddy reading books. I am putting dinner on the table when Spotty runs over to me, grabs my hand and says i read book you. Who can argue with that? So I sit on the floor and he begins to read me a book we got from the library, Moon Plane

He is amazing! He is telling me the story, remembering all of the key points, some of the cute phrases, I can not believe it. This is more than just parroting back Clap Hands Which was fun in its own right, my dude is a story teller. When he is finished he says all done and I grab him and tell him that I need a snuggle because I am so proud of him. As he throws his arms around me he says I love you too mommy and I missed you all day long.

So here I am in tears because I am so happy that my kid is both a reader and now a storyteller, with the added bonus of gut wrenching guilt of but you are not home with me. Not that he was upset when he said he missed me, it was more informational or I know I threw a shit fit when we were leaving Aunties, but I really do love you.

It’s all good