30 August, 2007

Mothers helpers and cute things kids say

So this morning before Spotty was awake he started to whimper and said I need Mantha. I told him we would pick her up later today and he said NOOOO I need her to sleepy with me. Mantha is our friend’s daughter. She comes over on Thursdays when I work from home. She and Spotty play, swim etc. while I work. It is a HUGE help as I am often on conference calls for 4-6 hours at a time. I dread when school starts because then I tend to have the TV on all day to keep the boy occupied. I always feel guilty, but then I feel guilty when I spend time reading or playing with Spotty, even if I am just listening in on a phone call that is as interesting as watching paint dry. I am hoping to bring Mantha out to get a fancy pedicure and to buy an outfit or two for school. If not I guess I can just give her money, but I think doing something might be more fun although maybe at 12 I would rather the money? I know Spotty will miss her a lot when she goes back to school.

Spotty says cute things all the time; I try to remember to write them down. When he wants to be picked up he says I want to carry you. When he needs to be comforted he says I need to snuggle you. When I ask him if I can have some of whatever he has (cookies, grapes, noodles) he says certainly mama. Sometimes he will hold his chin in his hands and tell me I am a little sad right now. If he wakes up in bed with us and he wants to get up he lifts up my eyelid, puts his face right next to mine and whispers loudly wake up mama He tells us don’t let bed bugs bite before he falls asleep. And recently he has started saying mama I talking to you if I am not paying attention to him as he is talking. It’s a nice way to remind me that to help him learn to talk, I need to listen.

We are off to the White Mountains to camp this weekend. We can’t wait. Spotty has been camping since he was 4 months old. I can’t wait to see what adventures we find.