27 August, 2007

Dairy Queen, Night Terrors and GPS's

So the weekend was a weekend

Our GPS was a super duper trooper as 495 was shut down and we had to get over to Braintree. I love that damn thing!!!! I can’t find my way out of a wet paper bag with a machete. I am that pathetic. I used to have to call the boy toy ALL THE TIME in tears, hysterical because I was in Connecticut and had been trying to get to Franklin. When we went to Duxbury Beach the other day and I was returning home in the pouring rain and at night, I ordinarily would have needed a valium to calm down. Instead I listed as John Cleese told me which way to go. Life is good.

My aunt graduated from college (we are so proud, at 52 she is now all edyakated). We had a party for her at
Jimbo's Steak and Fin which was really good. If you are in the area you should check it out. It is located in the same place that a Chinese restaurant “Braintree 5 corners” was located at. My parents used to take us there when we were kids; I remember it being one of our favorites. The usual suspects showed up. Spotty Chops was great and enjoyed having papa chase him around the place (until I reminded the boy toy that maybe he should be running around with our son as my dad and I were a bit tired).

Later that night Mantha and her parents (Speed Racer and Auntie D) dropped by to say hey. We had not had dinner yet and neither had they. I was hoping for something other than fast food, but they were dying for Dairy Queen and who am I to say no to a Blizzard? The boys wanted to go downstairs to see the race. I asked Auntie D to stay and watch Spotty Chop, but she insisted on coming with me to help with the order. Thank god she did. We ordered some bacon cheddar basket thingies, and a hamburger…and the poor girl at the counter got confused, you want all of the burgers to have no cheese? No, we want cheese 2 of them and then just a burger. I don’t understand. We need some burgers with cheese and 1 with no cheese, cheese? Luckily at this point someone else came over and with drill sergeant precision took our order, and then it turned into chickens with their heads cut off, not sure why, but they couldn’t remember what we ordered, how many things we ordered, we ended up with extra shakes, not enough water, and the wrong burgers. But I got a small cotton candy blizzard and a small M&M and caramel blizzard (for breakfast). Spotty Chop was pissed off because he couldn’t find his ice cream (vanilla with colored sprinkles) perhaps because as he never eats it, and always eats my blizzard I didn’t order him one, that will not happen again.

Yesterday I took Spotty Chop outlet shopping, along with everyone in the civilized world. I thought the place opened at noon, so we were there shortly after noon. I swear they must have opened at 10:00 because I got the last frelling spot. 2 hours and several hundred dollars later we were on our way back home. Spotty fell asleep on the way to Wrentham for about 20 min. So when we got home I tried unsuccessfully for 2 hours to get him to take a nap. He is fighting a cold and really needed the sleep, but it was not to be. He did fall asleep around 9PM which is early for him. Boy toy and I climbed into bed around 10:00 and spent a good 20 min just watching him sleep, he is so freakin cute. We decided to keep him in bed with us for a bit because he smells good and started to drift off when out of the blue, Spotty starts SCREAMING to wake the DEAD. Oh my god he scared the crap out of me. He wouldn’t let us touch him; it just made him scream even more. We tried to get him to wake up, but had little success. He jumped/fell out of our bed and he lay on the floor and switched between screaming and moaning. Because he was sick I was afraid his temperature may have spiked, his brain was cooking and he was about to die, so I of course had to keep touching him, and having him scream. He ran out of our room after 30 min or so, crashed into the gate by the kitchen and proceeded to scream more. I tried to turn on the TV (he wanted it) to see if it would wake him/help him focus, but he threw a nutty, so I shut it off. I finally picked him up and brought him outside. We looked at the stars, he calmed down. He asked for chocolate milk, we lay down on the living room floor and he played with my hair. He finally fell back asleep. Around 5 am I woke up and crawled onto the couch. I am too old for floor sleeping. Hell when I am camping we bring a double thick air mattress. In the morning boy toy woke us up. Spotty was wicked groggy and when I asked him if he wanted to crawl up into our bed he said yes, I want to have a little rest.

I don’t think I like night terrors, which is what I think he had. I am hoping this was the one and only, but from what I could gather on the internet, we may be in for a bit of a rough time. I hate not being able to fix things. I just want my baby to be happy…and healthy…and safe.