28 June, 2012


I don't know if anyone was reading back in '08. But we have a mystery at our house! It has been about 3 years since we last heard from our anonymous friend. Someone that knew me in high school (and knew Boy Toy) has been sending me postcards from around the world.  They bring up very specific things about me/us. We have no idea who it is. It may be   multiple people.  And our last one was so very long  ago.  I occasionally  feel bad because I am not sure who it is, but  we have been having so much fun trying to figure it out. 

But now they are back! and in Switzerland! They tell me they are swimming and walking every day, and practicing their French. They wonder if I remember how badly they spoke French.

What is really bizarre is that the 3rd time I read the post card (it is a puzzle that has stumped us...) I wondered if it could be an old boy friend of mine (and it would have to be REALLY OLD as Boy Toy and I have been together for....25? 26 years?) Well I say to Boy Toy I wonder if it could be "BU" and he says "Are you kidding me? That is exactly who I thought of when I read it". I haven't  thought of BU in...YEARS and I can't imagine Boy Toy has either (i think there was a boy or two between BU and Boy Toy.)

Whoever it is seems to think of me fondly and that brightens my day. 

The Game is Afoot SEND ME MORE!!!!