28 June, 2012

Dear Spotty Chop you were 86 months old almost a month ago

DUDE - I have no idea what's going on. I totally forgot to post this!

You have got potty mouth/toilet humor on the brain. It really doesn’t help that your father has it too.

Holy  Carp! (my personal favorite)
mom spell I Cup
do you need any ASSistance?
I need some chocolate shit muffins

You were super sweet on Mother’s Day. You wouldn’t let me do a thing. You yelled at me every time I got off the couch. You gave me a new mama & baby turtle necklace to replace the one you lost in Kindergarten. You were SO excited to give it to me. This is the first time you kept a secret, usually you tell us what you got us as soon as you see us, but you didn’t breathe a word. You LOVE hearing about the people that notice it and that I am telling everyone you gave it to me. A migraine hit me on my birthday, and you were so good. I feel so bad when I can’t function, but you take it in stride. We played Beyblades and watched Skunk Fu. You whispered (loudly) is this your best birthday ever? I got to snuggle/nap for 2 hours with you. There is no better present.

The soccer teams were invited to walk in the Memorial Day Parade. Annadude’s family was getting ready for a trip back to India so I knew they would not be going to the parade. You wanted to walk in the parade with Annadude so we offered to take him with us, and then to his soccer game and yours and dinner so packing could happen. When I asked if you guys wanted to walk by yourselves Annadude said yes. You however said you wanted me to have fun and get to walk too. During the walk you pulled me down to you and whispered “thanks for walking with me mama”. Little dude, it is my pleasure.

I have instituted “Game Night Tuesday”. I explained to you that this wasn’t a punishment, but sometimes the 3 of us are all playing games…but alone, and I wanted us to spend more time together playing. You seem to look forward to “game night”.  Still trying to teach you that winning isn’t the only thing, but you will get it eventually.

You will still climb up on my lap to watch TV. You are really annoyed at the frogs outside your window. “Why can’t they just shut up when I am trying to sleep?” Nannie often thinks the same thing. When you take a shower you often scream for me. You want your face mask so you can swim in the tub.

Cherry’s are back in season! This makes you super happy.

You are the best kid EVER!