01 December, 2011

pumpkin carving at Moo and Freak Show's

*and yet more stuck in draft, when will the madness end?

Our annual pumpkin carving spectacular was a success!

We had battles against zombies (Spotty told Moo that she had to go back in there and let them kill her, but he'd bring her back to life so she could cook him sweet potato fries.)

Lego races - do you play with Legos? You should, then you could join our LEGO RACE OF DEATH, you would loose, as all of us loose, Spotty is the only one that knows what the track looks like

Pumpkin carving!

I am quite certain there was eating involved. There usually is. Lucky for us Moo keeps a well stocked larder (including but not limited to) ice cream, cheese, crackers, cookies, candy, homemade peach habanaro marinade and marmalade,pizza, noodles, Ice cream, homemade granola, fresh picked strawberries, homemade vanilla, did I mention ice cream? Pickles, Homemade Pear Vanilla thingy that isn’t jam, but is OH MY FUCKING GOD The BEST THING you have ever tasted. Did I mention she does her own canning? And grows her own peaches, apples, strawberries, has bee hives to make honey. Really the list goes on and on.

 It’s somewhat embarrassing.